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Eric Tobin

Eric Tobin captures the beauty, light and moments of our New England landscape with his impressionist style, winning many awards. He is a seventh generation Vermonter who first learned oil painting at the side of his mentor, Thomas Curtin.  Eric paints plein air almost exclusively.


His paintings have been featured in The Saturday Evening Post and he is a favorite of corporate collectors including Johnson & Johnson.

The Old Tavern Farm  24 x 30"  Oil $
ET Snow in the Air 12_ x 16_ $1750
ET Yellow Birch 10_ x 12_ Oil $1200
ET Vermont Village 20_ x 24_ Oil $3600
ET Vermont Farm 20_ x 24_ Oil $3600
ET The Farm House 24_ x 30_ Oil $4800
ET Spring Snow, Peacham 12_ x 16_ $1750.
ET Spring is Just Around the Corner 24x3
ET Spring Greens 24_ x  30_ Oil $4,800
ET Butternut Ridge Farm 20x24 oil $3,600
ET End of Winter 24x30 oil $$4,800
ET Early Spring Sunshine 20x24 oil $3,60
ET Log Landing 24_ x 30_ $4800
ET Mountain View 24x30 $4800
ET Ready to Tap 12x16 $1750
ET Late Afternoon Stillness 12x16 $1750.
ET Country Charm 24_ x 30_ $4800
Warm Reflections
Late Afternoon Light
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