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Gary Shepard

Gary Shepard began his professional art career in the early 70's as a watercolorist. After much success, he expanded his talents, deciding to venture into oil painting as a new way to express himself. His style has become more impressionistic over recent years. He approaches this medium with the same vigor and optimism that characterize his watercolors. The mood of his watercolors and oils are equally dramatic.

Gary has exhibited in many shows and has received numerous awards and recognition. Gary is a native of New England and has resided in New Hampshire since 1975.

GS Autumn Refeclions 16x20 ac 2200.
GS Autumn Tapestry 24x36 oil 5800.
GS Mighty Maple 8x10 wc 450.
GS Golden Colors 16x20 wc 900.
GS Autumjn Refeclions 16x20 ac 2200.
GS October Woods 16x20 oil 2600.
GS Okemo View 16x20 wc 900,
GS Wapack View 12x16 oil 1800.
GS High Up 30_x 30_ oil $6,500.
GS Dusk 18_x 24_ oil $3,200.
GS Before Dusk 24_x 36_ oil $5,800.
GS Low Light 16_x 20_ oil $2,600.
GS Birch Forest 36_x 48_ oil $12,000.
GS Snow Capped 16_x 20_ oil  $2,600
GS Red Shack 22_x 28_   oil $3,600.
GS Old Maple 30_x 30_  oil $6,800.
GS Mountain Sunset 18_x 24_  oil $3,500.
GS Streaming Light 16_x 20_ oil  $2,600.
GS Sunlit Creek 16_x 20_ oil $2,600.
Winter Woodland 20_ x 24 Oil $3800
Logging Road 18_ x 24_ Oil $3500
Fresh Snow 30_ x 40_ Oil $8000
Ascutney Autumn 16_ x 20_ Oil $2600
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