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Marilyn Wendling

Marilyn Wendling's zest for life and exuberance are evident in her Alla Prima works in oil.  Her command of light and color harmony takes place using a very limited palette.  Marilyn's passion is translated into her sought after works.


She can be found painting in her studio or en plein air (outside) using a palette of only red, yellow, blue and white.  Alla Prima (painting in one session) is Marilyn's style preference.

MW Autumn's Dance 6 x 6 oil  $475
Nestled 8 x 10 Oil  $595
MW Woodland Ewe 20x20 Oil $1800
Once White 6_ x 8_ Oil  $500 framed
January in the Country 9" x 12"  Oil
Autumn Road 5" x7" Oil $450
Rainy Day Backroads
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