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Suzanne de Lessep's mediums are pastel and oil. "My work is always evolving and changing as I set new goals and discover new ways to interpret and respond to the environment around me. I paint en plein air as often as possible gathering information that later serves as inspiration for more intuitive painting and experimentation in the studio. Then the journey becomes about the process of painting. The outcome is often unknown and that’s what makes it exciting!”

SDL Winter Red  8_ x 10_ Oil $525
SDL Winter Interlude 10_ x 8_ Oil $525
SDL Winter Light 12_ x 10_ Oil $675
SDL Aspen Wood 10_ x 10_  Oil $6725
SDL The Way Home 10_ x 10_ Oil $625
SDL Snow Laden 10_ x 10_ Oil $625
SDL Forsythia 10_ x 10_ Oil $625
SDL Autumn Path 10_ x 12_ Oil $675
SDL Lake View 10_ x 10_ Oil $625
SDL Woodland Light 10_ x 10_ Oil $625
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