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 Sam Vokey was educated at Bowdoin College, and attended the R.H. Ives Gammell Studio in Boston for 4 years.

His painting style is most closely associated with the “Boston School’ and his technique crosses Realism with some of the softer edges and painterly qualities of Impressionism. His paintings explore sophisticated balances both of overall composition, and of light and dark values within the composition.

He is a member of the Guild of Boston Artists and he recently won the Tarbell award and the R.H.Ives Gammell Award. In 2007, Sam was awarded the John Singleton Copley Award, which is the highest honor given by The Copley Society of Boston. He has been awarded the coveted status of Copley Master by The Copley Society of Boston.

Woodland Falls 32" x 28" Oil $9,200
Northern View 12" x 16" Oil $2600
Moonrise 20" x 34" Oil $7,800
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