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Randy Adams

Randy Adams always had a fascination with trees since he was a boy. "We had a willow tree in the backyard that we climbed (and fell out of) on a regular basis. Trees are a part of everyone’s life. Hopefully my trees will let you remember a tree in your past or present.”

The trees become living sculptures shaped by nature.  Each of Randy Adams’  trees are individually hand made. For 35+ years, Randy has been spooling the wire and shaping the trees which are then dipped in a clear coat of acrylic enamel and signed by the artist. His standing trees grow out of a base of Vermont slate which he personally selects to compliment the tree’s composition.

Contact the Gallery to order the tree of your choice:  Small $140; Medium $180; Large $220.  XL and XXL available.  Finishes include Aluminum, Copper Patina, Black and Bright Copper.

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